About Us

Hiranandani is a name that is synonymous with impeccable quality. Hiranandani Constructions is known for its excellence in buildings and for being one of the first to modernize the skyline of Mumbai. Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital delivers world-class standards in health care. Hiranandani Foundation School is renowned for imparting high quality education to children in a superior environment.

Moving ahead on its path of excellence, Hiranandani Institute of Learning (HIL) has been setup to impart high-quality specialized skills to graduates so as to produce highly trained, professionally qualified and career oriented youth. While HIL derives its vision from the Hiranandani name, it is being ably spearheaded by its dynamic Director – Dr. Manju Nichani, who is herself a proven brand of administrative brilliance and academic distinction, having taken K.C. College and KC College of Management Studies to great heights through her tireless endeavor.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani & Dr. Manju Nichani

Hiranandani Institute of Learning seeks to bridge the huge chasm between academic learning and professional skills of young graduates. The Indian education system lays more emphasis upon scholarly knowledge and less upon inculcating professional skills that would help candidates to not just get employed but to work their way to the top in those jobs.

At Hiranandani Institute of Learning, we impart, build and enhance employ-ability by initiating specialized courses in areas such as Management, New Media, Photography and Corporate Etiquette. These courses have been designed so as to fulfill specific industry requirements by focusing upon skill enhancement, self-improvement and career development.

The future of Media is digitization and our New Media curriculum provides intensive training in creating digital Media platforms. Students learn to navigate the web inventively and become skilled in web designing and digital photography through these courses.

While it is essential to acquire professional skills, it is equally vital to have the right business attitude, attire and behavior. Our courses in Corporate Etiquette help our students acquire that crucial poise and polish to take them ahead in their chosen fields.

HIL provides all of the above and many more such short-term professional courses to candidates interested in carving out their own quality niche in the highly competitive industrial market. All of these courses help students acquire, lifelong, the Hiranandani brand of professionalism, quality and proficiency.